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3D printed protective masks put in place to fight the coronavirus

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Update time : 2020-03-08 10:15:08
As people from all over the country are actively fighting against the new coronavirus, medical protection supplies in various places across the country are in short supply, and medical masks, goggles, and protective clothing are in urgent need. At this critical moment, Shenzhen Qianhai Shekou Free Trade Zone Hospital (Shekou Hospital), the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center, and Xi'an Qitai Coordinate Medical Technology Co., Ltd., relying on the joint national additive manufacturing innovation center, combined the current advanced technology with the R & D and design of medical auxiliary products. The center used 3D printing technology to quickly complete the product design, optimization, and manufacturing.
In the morning of March 4th, after the first batch of individual 3D printed protective mask products passed the test, they were immediately put into use in the frontline of anti-coronavirus work, effectively alleviating the pressure of the hospital's protective supplies.
It is understood that a major advantage of 3D printing is individualized design and production. The team has made full use of the advantage of this technology. They collected the 3D facial features of medical staff, optimized the individualized design process, completed the design of individual masks in short time, and then produced by 3D printing. During more than ten days of intensive and repeated demonstrations and tests, the innovation center carried out 12 version upgrades, completed product sizing and optimization, and finally finalized mass production. With 3D printing technology, they have achieved local production and local service.
Because the 3D printed mask is customized, it can accurately adhere to the user's facial skin, ensure that the mask and the wearer's face fully fit, greatly improve air tightness, and reduce local compression. The adjustable buckle design can adjust the tightness of wearing according to the individual head shape, making the mask fit better.