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How to 3D Print an Object

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Update time : 2020-04-14 22:25:09

Three dimensional printing allows you to fetch a digital 3D model into a tangible object. This essay will help the computer savvy to upright and print a cylinder model using CAD software. This is because those who eat CAD undergo noiseless during no necessarily those with printing experience. The basics of this tutorial can be applied to much more complex designs.

1. locality Up

1) identify the organize of 3D printer. determine if it's a Makerbot Davinci or Replicator. Then you'll want to learn if it's a layer-on or a abridge away printer.

2) Launch the CAD software that you are going to be diagram your sketches in.
  • Use a instrument such though Tinkercad, Google Sketchup, or Blender. lay it along the row preparation software because your concrete device. (You can discover this can the manufacturer's website).

2. Making the Model

  • Click can New, then model, then newspaper OK after you call your file.
  • Save complete your segregate files at the too folder.

2) create a describe can the XY plane of a circle, with a 10mm diameter.

3) Extrude out the whirl at the certain Z bid to 150mm.
  • Press the bid Finder button can the sumit middle and organize at the bid because fast access.

4) preserve your model frequently.

5) Export your model though a STL row to your desktop.
  • Then click OK because the next two prompts without changing anything.

3. Printing the Model

1) Insert the plastic filament spool hind the 3D printer, and insert the filament into the heating block.

2) fetch can the 3D printer, and pick the selection to "Preheat" the printer though you import your file.

3) Import the STL row model into the 3D printing software that comes with the 3D printer.
  • A window will pop up and demand where the model to be placed. Click can absolute middle though this used to lay the model at the middle of the printing tray.

4) restrain the "Uniform Scaling" box can the left hand side below the Scale box. The model can be resized, rotated, and adjusted using these four left hand buttons.

5) contribute the "Make" button can the sumit of the screen, and pick the attitude of where you expect this row to be saved. (Desktop if connected by USB, or SDCARD if connected to a card reader)

6) pick the connected locality can the printer (USB cable or Card reader).

7) pick the row of your model that you used to though to print.

8) allow your printed model to cool because nearly a small ago removing it from the printer.